The kid who never talks in class, and when he does shit is probably about to go down.
Student: Mr. Brown how many days are in a week?

Mr. Brown: 7

The quiet kid: 6

Mr. Brown:No 7

The quiet kid: 5

Me: Ah shit
by The quiet kid June 14, 2020
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The type of kid who's usually introverted and never really talks. They are usually really smart and probably capable of killing your entire family.
I heard the quiet kid has a van with guns in it.
by CEO Of All CEOs December 12, 2020
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Everybody cool til' he pull out an Ak47 to yo fuckin face
Kid 1: hey, that kid looks like he's smokin crack.
Kid 2: Lets buy a roll
Kid 1: ok
by Get Nae-Naed asshole February 2, 2021
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The quiet kid, often the student in class that goes unnoticed. There are voluntary quiet kids, and there are involuntary quiet kids. Voluntary quiet kids are often loners, who are very self-sufficient, and can in some cases be motivated to stay unnoticed, or low-key. Involuntary quiet kids may have shy tendencies, and may actually be too timid to initiate friendship. Often labled as mysterious, or weird by classmates. Many have suffered negative lables by judgemental people such as: gay, emo, goth, 'mental', shy, rude, mean, stuck-up, and boring, which is unfair to the quiet kid, because most people (yes, even teachers), make these judgements without taking the time to understand or get to know the individual. Often the quiet-kid is not "boring" as some may suggest, but instead may not feel that the people in their environment are good for their personality, especailly with most people being so judgemental anyway.
Adult colleague: So what were you like in highschool?
Friend: It's actually funny, because I was actually the "quiet kid."
Adult colleauge: Damn, you're pretty chill, I would've never thought.
Friend: I never really fit in, it's funny because they never took the time to get to know me.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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A kid who is very smart wants to work or sit alone and makes very little noise (Usually introverted or ambiverted). And other kids always think they are sad or depressed.
When i'm not in the same class as my friends I become the quiet kid.
by TheAllMightyChihuahua January 29, 2018
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the kid that is too nervous to ask questions because they'll overthink everything/be nervous about how someone will react. also, the kid that some people say has "bad intentions" or is depressed.

they overthink too many things and hate when people say "oh he talks" or anything similar to that.
also, they don't like to talk with other people because they'll either stammer over their words because they're anxious/overthink normal scenarios and believe the worst.

they do not like being socially awkward because it can limit them from future jobs/normal conversations that they want to have.
they in fact do not know the definite reason why they're quiet, and when people ask why they're quiet, they shrug their shoulders or say "IDK".

quiet kids are typically smart and they may also have a friend(s) that they awkwardly (not rudely) talk to and wish they could have more friends and be more verbal but their nervousness and amount of overthinking make it appear impossible. the quiet kid could be the person who has encountered when a person is passing out papers and they say

"(quiet kid's name) is in this class? he never talks." they also try to speak loud enough for everyone to hear but wind up being too quiet.
quiet kid - *getting ready to talk to teacher*
quiet kids mind - *going over every possible reply in their head trying to be prepared for every one of them*
quiet kid - ah, fuck it.
by thekaprisunstraw October 30, 2021
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The kid in the back of the classroom who is rarely ever spoken too. This kid could be the smartest kid in the class, but every time he says anything, he isn't listened to, and others around him steal his answers and yell them out. This is the kid who is not well known by most of the class. When students pass out papers, they say "who is (insert name of the quiet kid here)?" The only time people ever talk to the quiet kid are when they need something. It's never to talk about TV or video games or the internet, it's always "what did you get for number 3?" or "what was the homework for English class?" The quiet kid will go home every day, with a huge backpack, on the bus, and one day he'll stop showing up at school, and no one will notice or care. People will assume he switched classes and went somewhere else. It would be as if he never even existed...
I am the quiet kid.
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