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Ambass; verb:

to ambass; ambassing; ambassed; ambassadoring
to go hard (no we're not talkin "eh I'll have a few cause I'm tired and I can't seem to find my penis"),
the ingestion of a certain prohibited substance (mollyprohaxaxillin),
and to wonder what the hell you actually did the night before
WHILE; on your way to work the next day.
Anna: "Hey guys, anyone wanna drink tonight?"
Friends: "It's Tuesday Anna, but yeah I could use one."
Anna: "One!? I'm gonna ambass tonight!"
Friends: "You disgust me, ambassador."
by DL604 April 15, 2014
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Ambass, is a nickname for a person called Amber, Amelia, Amanda, Amy, that farts a lot, and even farts more while laughing hysterically, due to herself farting, so therefore drops the bass (dub-step).
*amber farts"
Random person - "Omg! Did you just fart?"
Amber - "Yes, I'm such an ambass"
by Ambassissofuckingawesomez March 07, 2014
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