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the whole package: alpha gams have the highest GPAs, win intramural sports, throw the illest parties, drink like sailors and house the gorgeous girls who don't act like they are god's gift to the world.

sometimes referred to as "always grabbing doughnuts", but only by haters that aren't as cute and smart and not talented enough to think of a decent diss.

for example: AGDs at georgia tech continually hold the highest GPA on campus, won greek week, and had a member crowned greek goddess for the entire greek system.
"Who are those awesome girls on campus?"
"Alpha gamma delta!"
"Well hot damn alpha gam!"
by imalilpimp May 18, 2008
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Let's set the record straight: Alpha Gamma Delta is an international sorority of only the best ladies. They party with the best and can drink your boyfriend under the table. Despite their rock star partying status, they also manage to have the highest GPAs on campus, look fantastic all the time, give back to their communities and are great examples for greeks everywhere! Guys want to date them, girls want to be them. No matter where you go, it's always squirrel territory.
Potential New Member: "I only want to go to the Alpha Gamma Delta rush parties. All the other sororities aren't worth my time"

Fraternity Member: "I saw that Alpha Gamma Delta girl at the bar last night. We went shot for shot, but I lost. It was so hot."
by AGDlover May 26, 2007
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Alpha gams are the true picture of elegance and grace. Naturally beautiful , unparalleled GPA’s, and a level of class that you must be born with. Every guy wants to date them and for good reason. They call always remain top tier because of highly selective nature.
Freshman 1 : I wish I was in alpha gamma delta

Freshman 2: Dont we all ...
by Shift pull crank April 23, 2018
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Best sorority in the nation.

These are the hottest girls ever. They're totally rad and they can drink you under a table, while remaining classy, not trashy.

Not only can they drink, they're pretty damn smart too.

An Alpha Gamma Delta girl is the complete package.
Girl going through recruitment: "Wow...I hope I'm in Alpha Gamma Delta! They're pretty much the best"
Friend: "Hell yeah! Lets pledge together!"
by sexxxybrunette19 September 30, 2007
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Alpha Gamma Delta, known as "alpha graba doughnut" everywhere in the country, except OHIO UNIVERSITY. These ladies are by far the classiest ladies out there. If you're not dating an AGD raise your standards.
Everyone at OU wants to be a classy Alpha Gamma Delta girl.
by agd! March 01, 2006
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