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One of the greatest basketball players of all time. Ranked as 52 in SLAM's Greatest Players of All Time.
Allen Iverson crossed over MJ in his rookie year!
by irociversons June 21, 2003
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not afraid of any one, drives it on every one there is in the NBA and still owns them,
iverson is one of the greatest players in the NBA TODAY
by ADEEM July 16, 2004
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Arguably the best point guard player in the league today, and one of the best to play the two positions of shooting guard and point guard. Trained with his friend Ben when he was young and from the help of his parents he strived up into the rank of NBA superstar. Ever since he’s been in the NBA he has won several scoring titles and a league MVP. At the moment (2005-06), his team had been struggling to make finals positions, but as has happened before he will take over once again. Allen Iverson was also jailed in his life.
This guy is unstoppable, he is scoring and stopping us on the defensive end, c'mon just stop him he isnt Allen Iverson!!
by benjamin.w June 30, 2006
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a fyne basketball player, who is really really good, and was mvp, and plays for the 76ers, and is married...............damnit
gurl:my boy friend looks better then allen iverson
me:ya right, im ur dreams bitch
by lil lisa January 23, 2005
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Best player of all time. Stunning cross over. Isn't afraid of anyone, and has the most heart of anyone who has ever lived. He also gets a bad rap for his image, when he in reality is a good person. Kobe is a pompous asshole, and T-Mac has no heart. AI is simply the best.
Allen Iverson is the best player the NBA has ever seen.
by Dikembe Mutombo October 14, 2004
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