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A really awsome, smart, funny, and super hot guy. They are known for this and usually love laughter. When you meet an alek, you should be thankful that you've met him!
Girl 1: Oh my gosh, how was alek?
Girl 2: He was so funny and extremely hot!
Girl 1: So did you hook up with him?
Girl 2: Of course!
Girl 1: Wow... I wish i met an alek!
by wombatstew October 23, 2012
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a term used to describe a man with a big penis
Person 1: "Did you see his penis? It's huge!"

Person 2: "Ya, he's pretty alek."
by wetwillie73 February 05, 2009
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the stupidest math program ever. i hate it, and so do you. it is used in some places to help kids with math, but it just makes them want to commit suicide. it is very dumb because it makes parents think that their kids want to do math, which, duh, they don't. so next time, before you go onto aleks, be sure to stop, look, and throw your computer out the window. no one likes it.
did you do all your aleks minutes?


good for you.
by silentfridge November 14, 2007
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Alek Is The Heterosexual Way Of Spelling Alec.
Person One: "Sooo...How do you spell your name?"
"With A 'C' right?"

Person Two: "Fuck No, Im Not Gay"

Person One: "Ohhhh...Ok, So 'Alek'"
by Cheese From Space September 03, 2007
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The coolest and most popular kid in school, he is smart, funny and sexy. Almost every girl wants to be his girlfriend and they can't resist looking at him.
Person 1: I wish I could ask Alek out.

Person 2: Alek is so sexy and pretty.
by Mr. Dab August 12, 2016
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A beautiful exotic girl that loves to have fun, super rare. Aleks are the best person to talk to. Never let her go or you will regret it.
Person 1: “Have you seen that girl Alek?”

Person 2: “Yeah she’s amazing”
by Cyaaaaal4terrrrr October 09, 2018
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A very hot guy with great experience in sports and a very awesome person.
All the girls will want you if your an Aleks.
I went to Aleks' house and He poured money on me.
by junkyfunkyman November 12, 2018
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