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Alci is a thug or thuggette who drinks alcohol no matter the time of day. No matter the occasion or time of day he/she will want to turn up and get drunk.
Alci: Hey girrrrlll, its almost time to go to work lets get a fourloco?

Friend: It's only 7 a.m !
by wassuplilma March 09, 2015
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Alci, typically a male. Alci's are neither short or tall. However, they tend to call themselves short.Alci's are known to be cute and very sweet. In the case that Alci's like a girl, they put their all into it. However, they catch feelings quickly, but the feelings are mostly real. Alci's are often butt hurt, but are okay with it.
Alci boy
by Booboo_boo December 30, 2013
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Spelt: (Al-key)

Definition: An alcoholic person. Someone who can not stop drinking liquors. Whether for fun or to drown their sorrows.
Dave: Yo man, Steve is becoming an alci.

John: Nah man don't worry, he only drinks beer and whiskey.
by BigDikStevo July 20, 2019
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