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Brother....from Arabic origins...popularized in the United States by the Muslim community of Philadelphia, PA...often heard in the Middle East
Also used by urban youth regardless of faith throghout America
sometimes spelled Ahk, Ahki, Ock, etc
"Whats good akhi"....
"me and the akhis bout to go make salat at the coming fam?
"Stop that akhi...before I send shots through ya body
make you feel hell on earth before Allah drop me" - Beanie Siegel from "This Can't Be Life" by Jay-Z
by Hanif Muhammad March 08, 2007
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Hebrew word meaning "my brother". Israeli term made famous by use in the IDF.
"Look, akhi, I paid ten sheqelim for this at Omri's palce, here you want I should pay fifteen?"
by Yitzhaq February 18, 2010
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