Refers to an amazingly modest individual who has all positive attributes and can make you feel hot under the collar, however lacking in the ability to speak Urdu (!)

A person who you would either want to be, or want to be with.
I wish I was an Amaar.

I wish I was with Amaar.

You're my 'The Amaar' I been waiting for.
by Geek4Loser September 26, 2010
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Amaare is one of the best friends you will ever meet. He’s usually good at sports and he’s very fast. He could be arrogant sometimes but he’s usually joking. Amaare cares about you a lot but he usually can tell his feelings. he’s also very funny.
by Tiana’ March 9, 2018
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Sexiest apex player alive

Highest KD in the universe
Biggest Brady fan
I wish I was Amaar
by DictionFien November 22, 2021
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