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Refers to an amazingly modest individual who has all positive attributes and can make you feel hot under the collar, however lacking in the ability to speak Urdu (!)

A person who you would either want to be, or want to be with.
I wish I was an Amaar.

I wish I was with Amaar.

You're my 'The Amaar' I been waiting for.
by Geek4Loser September 26, 2010
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An extremely tall individual of pakistani origin. Thinks he is the shit, but in reality cannot even keep a boner for longer than 3-5 seconds. His best record in bed being a solid 7 seconds. An amaar is known to walk around talking like he is the fucking wiz of said topic, but like previously said, doesn't know shit. Also known to be potentially gay and a necrophile, keep your loved ones away from an amaar.
omg dude i saw an amaar today so I grabbed my kids and ran.

Dude my friend is such an amaar, he thinks he's soo cool but we all know he's full of shit.
by ithedude512 August 10, 2009
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