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Left-wing idiots of America, they claim to love the country, yet at the same time contradict themselves by bashing any actions taken by the government to protect our nation. They say they love freedom, but will be the first to deny any action that spreads freedom in the world. Their main philosophy is "protecting peoples' rights" and they do this by bashing Christianity calling it "an infringement of people's freedom", although they will grant freedom to rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc, thus endangering people. With liberals in control, anarchy would occur. The ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberal Ulcers), will criticize a business for simply using the word Christmas or putting a nativity scene in the mall, but will allow Islamic groups to hold religious meetings in a public school. Liberals will support abortion, saying that "its the woman's choice" without any regard to the baby that is killed. These idiots are trying to redefine the real definition of marriage (man and woman) into man and man, in an attempt to make being gay seem normal. Liberals will support welfare programs in response to unemployment, but in time this creates more unemployment as a lazy generation of welfare receipients is created. When asked to defend their policies, Liberals will jump around the issue, since they have nothing to back up their beliefs. These left-wing lunatics will put out terrorist-supporting propaganda such as "Fahrenheit 911" in attempt to defeat the fact that these ruthless terrorist factions exist. Sadly, the media brainwashes more and more Americans into the Liberal cause. These people cannot think for themselves and unfortunately the majority of young people are liberals. There is a saying and it goes: "If you're not a Liberal by age 20 you have no heart, if you're not a Conservative by age 40, you have NO BRAIN!" I guess I have no heart then, but at least I can make sensible decisions!
These liberals make me sick with their hypocrisy!
by D-Block_NJ December 20, 2006

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A hero to fans of the Italian National Soccer team. He is a master at trash talking thus resulting in his opponent breaking down and self-destructing. (Example: Zinedine Zidane)
Materazzi has no limits in his trash talking arsenal; he will run his mouth until the opposition explodes. A hero and key player in Italy's World Cup victory, it is wrong that he was suspended after the match due to simply angering his opponent (Zidane) through insults.
by D-Block_NJ July 21, 2006

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A girl who is known as a heartbreaker.
"Ronca, maquinadora
Tu con tu cara seductora
Los machos azora, provocadora
La nena de los nenes, la abusadora
Los descontrola sin rola
To's la quieren, ninguno la soba
Los tiene en la boba
Comprando prenda, y trajes
Ninguno le afloja" - Yaga y Mackie
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006

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also known as TS, T-Squad, the Terror Squardians, etc, the current squad is much different than the crew that was involved from 1998-2000, when Terror Squad reigned supreme. Featuring a lineup of Big Pun (R.I.P.), Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Triple Seis, Prospect, Armageddeon, Remy Martin, Tony Sunshine, SunKiss, and Opera Pete, each member was "super-lyrical" with Pun leading the way. Every track that they appeared on was straight up fire, as their chemistry, lyrics, and flow led to critically acclaimed albums and appearances. After Big Pun tragically passes away in 2000, the group hasnt been the same since due to feuds among members, notably Cuban Link vs. Fat Joe. Terror Squad and Big Pun's legacy will never be forgotten.
If the Terror Squad of 98-00 was still around today, G-Unit and all these other clowns wouldnt even be acknowledged

"TS electrify the sky like the third rail"
by D-Block_NJ April 08, 2007

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Ridin a bike which is usually broken-down or stolen with a backpack, along with a plastic grocery bag or two on the handlebars. By wearing cheap/ghetto clothes, a chain or necklace, and a bandana (as opposed to a do-rag), you can really be ridin mexican style.
When I go to play basketball, I'm ridin mexican style carrying my radio in a backpack and my basketball in a plastic bag, knowing that my bike could break down at any given time.
by D-Block_NJ June 22, 2006

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A Puerto Rican steet term used to mean "frontin". It means talking too much as if you can back it up.
Lo que hacen es frontear
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006

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In reggaeton, a tiradera is lyrical battle, beef, or rivalry.
For a period of time, the battle between Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam was a tiradera.
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006

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