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A beautiful and sweet girl , that is also smart and cheerful. If she is sad , is doesn't tell anybody and keepa to her self
You are so aisya , i love you
by Wut?!?!?!?! December 26, 2016
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Aisya is a very good hearted person , but once you get on her bad side....things won’t end pretty. Aisya is very energetic and fun and always giving people advice , but for some odd reason she won’t take her own. On the inside Aisya wishes she can be herself but when she try’s she’s scared what people will think of her. Aisya keeps most of her stuff to herself she doesn’t like telling people how she really feels. She doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards other people. When she’s sad she doesn’t tell anyone unless she can’t hold it in any longer and starts to cry. There’s also this part of Aisya she is very very VERY sexual.
by Aisya May 25, 2018
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