an AirPort (capitalized just like this) is the function on your macbook, that is the wifi signal, that you turn off when you went to hang up on someone annoying on skype without them knowing that you hung up, it just says "loss of connection" oops!
Jen kept showing me her baby, so i AirPorted that bitch.
by ~xoxo gossip girl~ November 16, 2010
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There are four kinds of airport. #1 International. The largest, busiest airports, taking flights from around the world. Usually has a very long runway. Eg:Los Angeles International airport is the seconf largest airport in the world. #2 Reagional. An airport that takes flights from around country/continent. Eg:Nanaimo Reagional isn't the busiest airport around, but it'll get you around the continent. #3 Local. The second smallest airport, usually has average facilities, only takes local flights. Eg:Qualicum Beach Local will take you as far as Vancouver and up-island, but thats it. #4 Airstrip. Smallest of all airports, usually doesn't have normal airport facilities and can take only small aicraft. Eg:Tofino Airstrip has no facilities, but planes do land there.
Pilot - After the 18 hour flight from Vancouver, we finally arived in at Hong Kong International Airport.
by Minority July 24, 2006
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Something you shout out in public when you see an amazingly good looking chick. This way instead of being arrested for sexual harassment, you will just be considered mentally ill or some crazy spac.
"AIRPORT" says nik
"Wtf?! Airport?!" says uber hot chik
"I Guess hes just a crazy spac" says douchebag

"im a Fag" says dan
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To forget to get souveneirs while on vacation and then buy some thoughtless tee shirt or such at the airport gift shop.
I had such a blast in Tahiti I forgot to buy my boyfriend a gift, I had to airport him.
by oliver 700 May 21, 2009
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When two legs (or one for amputee Beauty acceptance) are straight up in the air leaving a view of the "landing strip" or taint.
I have to check out the airport before I land anything there.
by STDfree December 09, 2017
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