The act of fingering two girls at the same time, one on each side of one's body, hence resembling playing a pinball machine; the female equivalent of skiing
Dude look at those twins over there - I'm totally gonna pinball them tonight.
by DsportsXL December 29, 2011
The act of bouncing off walls, guardrails, other cars, and the like, on a slippery patch of road. Common in the winter climates where large sections of roadways can be covered in ice and/or snow.

It can also be used to refer to the cars left facing the wrong direction after "pinballing".
Dude, slow down! You don't want to pinball on the black ice!

Be careful driving, I passed 3 pinballs and a roll-over on my way here.
by SaraVN January 22, 2011
The act of bumping into walls en route to your destination like a game of pinball. Usually induced by massive quantities of alcohol and often precedes the act of calling dinosaurs.
Check it out, Keur is pinballing again. Get him a bucket.
by fatlipper February 6, 2010
These accompany a Pindick (a/k/a Pin Dick), meaning tiny balls the size of pinballs from a pinball machine.
Girl on Beach: I cannot look at that guy in the Speedo.

2nd Girl on Beach: Ewwww pindick and pinballs!

Girl: Why doesn't he just wear swim trunks and hide his shame

2nd Girl: He wants to be humiliated. He wants girls to look at him.

Girl: Time for shades.

2nd Girl: Yeah totally time to put on our sunglasses and ignore
by December 2, 2009
game which involves keeping one or more small silver balls in play, in a big box. this means they cant fall all the way down. this is achieved by pressing buttons that control 2 paddles. these hit balls upward. you get points when your ball hits stuff inside the box, like bumpers.
Rick spent all his money playing pinball at the arcade yesterday. I think its cause he likes balls.
by the jackman June 4, 2009
When 3 or more, typically male, bullies gang up on one boy to take turns kicking him in the balls in rapid succession.
He was sent to the nurses office after a round of pinballing.
by NerdKnight August 17, 2020
A common occurrence frequently seen at social gatherings. When you are intoxicated to the point where you are still able to stand but when attempting to ambulate you ricochet off one item and are redirected toward another. This pattern typically continues till you are no longer upright or you have ricochet into an object that has provided support ie: chair, friend, pole etc.
I was so lit, all I remember was pinballing through the crowd while everyone was watching the band.

Four or five shots of this and you’ll be pinballing your way to the bathroom.

Check out that girl, she’s freakin pinballing off of everyone on the dance floor.

Dude, you don’t want to be the guy in the video who pinballed right into the pool... have some coffee.
by TwoTzus July 14, 2018