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In conversation, the dual flexing of the index and middle finger of both hands, to signify the presence of scare quotes. Used ad nauseam by 'pretentious' and ostensibly 'intelligent' university students, to advertise their 'superior morals' and 'erudition'.
Using air quotes in this example is, like, so 'post-modern'.
by Urban Dictionary April 26, 2007
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little bunny ears made with the fingers that indicate that:
1) you're quoting someone else
2) you're being sarcastic
3) you still think the "la-sers" thing from austin powers is funny.
'hey look guys! he's got a "la-ser"!! hahaha! ain't that great!!!'
by Catachresis June 04, 2004
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when whilst you are saying something, you hold your the pointer and middle fingers of yoru hands up in the air curled as if to make quotation marks as if to make the thing you said sound peculiar or strange. also used as a taunt.
Martha: wow, its been six years since i have seen you, whatever happened to your (air quotes) band?

Fred: hey! we turned out some really good stuff on our first CD!

Martha: fred, your (air quotes) band was only six guys and some italian stew pots.
by Zack June 04, 2004
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Using two fingers on each hand to indicate a word or phrase is in quotes. Generally used to indicate irony, sarcasm, or derision.
Adam repeated John's statement, but used air-quotes when he reached "legend".
by Yunomi August 21, 2003
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The act of placing your hands outstretch from either side of your head and making a peace sign that bends up and down within the fingers while using a corporate buzzword.
Sarcastic Employee: "Well, that's very AIR QUOTE LEFT pro-active AIR QUOTE RIGHT of you."
Ubiquitous Marketer: "See synergy."
by CartoonChess June 04, 2004
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where the males fingers are inserted into the females vagina, often a pleasurable experience. this phrase was invented in RUSHDEN.
'my boyfriend gave me air quotes last night'
by Mary Huff December 11, 2006
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Another term for a fart, usually used to voice an opinion regarding a topic of conversation (see example sentence).
Oh yeah, well I've got an air quote for ya: bbrrrrrrpppp...
by mangus June 05, 2004
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