used when someone talks shit about you and its true. basically if they're hatin and they got a reason too you say "ain't i?"

comes from the song "aint i" by yung la ft. young dro & t.i.
hater: "damnn you look a little too sexy today"

me: "well ain't i?"

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How a black man explains that he only has sex with white women.
Guy #1: That fine ass black chick was all over you at the party, why didn't you try and get at that?
Guy #2: Cuz if it ain't snowin, i ain't goin... nahmee?
by tendervittlebit October 6, 2011
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Utterly useless, insult used in a fight.

Joseph Tinnelly used it to argue with Gordon Ramsay in The Hell's Kitchen
Gordon Ramsay: "unbelievable one simple request who and, why and you make a big song and dance"
Joseph Tinnelly: "I ain't no fucking bitch, Chef. I don't give a fuck! I ain't no bitch!"
by bobbysmiles January 12, 2021
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A default response to every possible situation
Have you seen Bill?
I ain't gay
by wherethetittiesat September 22, 2017
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When someone suggest something and it's a bad idea.
Jerry: Hey dude you should wrap your fists up and break his truck window out.

Matt: No man, I ain't feelin it.
by Conner Ryan September 16, 2013
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a response of passive aquiescense
Larsen: "Ay, wanna go smoke swishers in front of Eli's house?"

Translation: "A thought just occured to me; would you be interested in engaging in tobacco product consumption on the premises of our fine friend, Eli's, property."

Phillip: "I ain't trippin."

Translation: "I have no objections."
by Mikedereklarsen July 2, 2005
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