very kind person and caring
aiman will do anything for person that he love the most
by luqking December 29, 2017
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a gemini charming lad, who often seem as a playboy and very childish but really has a big heart that he seldom show. unexpectedly nice and kind at times, talkative, everyone's favourite though he may be annoying but he always wins ppl heart no matter what, very good-looking and can sweep a girl of her feet just by giving her a simple smile. always hides his sorrow and woefulness because he doesnt want the world to know he is weak though he must admit everyone has their strongs and weaknesses, seldom appreciated and can sometimes be tricked ever so simply. stylish and fashionable, sometimes. always care about his appearance bc to him it is everything. very loving towards his family and friends, always expresses his love in different unique ways, quite creative at times though he cant really appreciate art. he is always haunted by guilt and sadness that sometimes when he fails to hide it, you can see it in his gleaming eyes.
"such a gentleman that boy is,"
"i heard his name is Aiman,"
"suits his features best,"
by garciameales99 February 27, 2017
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A guy that's super sexy. Someone that can dress and sweet talk a girl into loving him. He usually makes every girl he talks to love him but doesn't mean to. He's a sweet and down to earth guy. He's amazing in the bedroom. While he has all these girls waiting for him, he's searching for the right one.
Girl: I wish i can date aiman
Girl2: Yeahright!
by girlllllllllllllll2222222 September 21, 2011
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a handsome cool boy with dimples and nice hair
"who is the boy with dimples?"
"oh, he is aiman
by Jelenanourahadid February 3, 2017
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the name for a guy who is so hot you cant believe it. he has beautiful eyes and loves mango nectar. these mysterious creatures are also known to be quite well endowed and generous in bed.
girl 1--"hey alyssa, what did you do last night?"
alyssa--"oh girl, i found me an aiman last night!"
girl 1--"im soooo jealous!"
by barbietron October 5, 2009
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A smart guy who doesn't give a sh*t about the world ,brainy and have a vague knowledge of everything ,he is a programmer ,gamer and a weiabo who usually likes only 2D girls.He is not hondesome but clever and have a pretty good memory and a careful heart.
Hana: hey hey hey u re staring there for so long,are u into the new boy.
ANNA : do u mean Aiman,hell no ..i'm kind of interesting but i'm afraid i'm not he's type
hana:u'll better be that clever boy is not an easy getten
by snow_lighting_smth May 31, 2020
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a word that can use for put name at people. but only at good,handsome,hot people. and always have their own trademarks suck as "easy by nova!". he is good in religion,games,life and girls. somepeople just wish that they can be like aiman
boy : i wish i can be like aiman!
giril : i wish i can date someone like aiman
by novethegreat December 28, 2017
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