the feeling one gets after thuding when watching, listening, or thinking of clay aiken
Oh Goodness, I need a thud mat. I'm so aikenized. That picture from the new photoshoot of the jeans on Clay's butt is so hot!
by Kati @ April 30, 2006
Aiken can get on your nerves sometimes but once you meet him you'll never wish you haven't. An Aiken is a sweet, kind, and goofy person, who will do anything to make you smile. He is very lovable even though he doesn't think so. Aiken is probably one of the strangest people you will meet but is so much fun to be around. Aiken is always there if you need someone to talk to and is a great companion. If you ever meet an Aiken, make sure that you don't distance yourself from him. He will do anything for you if you become his friend. He is very easy to talk to and always gives you a good laugh. If your having a bad day, Aiken will be there to cheer you up.
Girl 1: "Aiken is so weird!"
Girl 2: "But in a good way."
Girl 1: "But in an amazing way."
by It Will All Be Ok :) May 30, 2019
A county in South Carolina and a smalll ass city in South Carolina. Lot's of horses and old people. Oh, joy.
Bobby: "Let's visit Aiken!"
Joe: "How about we go somewhere with things to do instead?"
by amango July 11, 2008
Aikes is Aikens. Aikens walks the streets giving the grace of his large penis. He is a very good looking person. Girls are naturally attracted to Aikens.
Samantha: "Check that guy out, he is sexy!"
Jessica: "He is definitely an Aikens!"
by bekd November 24, 2011
A small, well known golfing and equestrian town in suburban South Carolina where wealthy New Englanders tend to retire or spend the winter. The town is growing rapidly due to the influx of old money coming from the North. The neighborhoods, including Woodside Plantation and Cedar Creek, are exclusive semi-retirement communities with stringent bylaws. For example, one may not display a sports flag from his or her home or mailbox except on game days, and holiday lights must kept to the minimum. First class golf courses, regal estates and beautiful horse farms line the roads into and out of the quaint downtown.
Patty: "I love the luxury estates and beautiful equestrian farms of Aiken, South Carolina."

Michael: "Me too, lets build a second home in Cedar Creek so that we can spend the cold winters in the South."
by NewHampshireRealty May 16, 2009
The process of taking a lad's laptop and changing his manly-man background, which usually consists of a chick in a bikini or a six foot thirteen hockey player, to a picture of the cute and cuddly Clay Aiken, American Idol 2002 runner-up.

This concept originated at De Smet Jesuit High School, located in the most dangerous city of the U.S.- St. Louis.
Matt: Mr. Traughberg left the room! Aiken him!
Mike: I don't have the sack to do that!
Edloe: I'll do it!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! FATTY WHOMPER!@!!!!#!@!@#
by Mr. Traughberg August 29, 2008
Aikens are dumbasses who thinks girls like him. Also Aikens usually have long ass faces. They look like subway sandwiches 🥪, but he is a 💩. He is a show off who try's to act cool but actually isnt. If u here the name Aiken RUN 🏃 ♀️
by HAIII BISH August 15, 2019