A word that may be used in many situations.

1. To express delight at a situation one has found oneself in/to celebrate a success.

2. To accentuate the punchline of a humourous story.

3. A socially acceptable method of interrupting someone's banal (lame) anecdote, initiating a subject change.

4. To enhance the sense of occation or drama in the execution of simple tasks.

5. A good ice-breaker at parties.

6. A loud exhalt, used to intensify certain martial arts moves.
1. "Dude, I got an A! Kee-aii!"

2. "... and then he told her: "If I want to set your mother's sewing machine on fire; I God-damn will!" Kee-aii! Haha!"

3. Person 1: "... so I took the receipt back to the shop and the cashier was all like:.."

Person 2: "Kee-ai! .. Dude, no one cares. Anyone want to play Tekken 3?

4. "Kee-aii!" (Whilst switching on a kettle).

5. Group of people: <"This song is lame." ... "I can't believe you're drinking Fosters, that stuff is pisswater!" ... "Yeah this is way worse than the last party he threw.">

Host: "Kee-aii! Who wants to see me snort a line of cornflakes?? YEAHHH, PARTYYYY!"

6. "KEE-AII!" (Whilst performing a particularly powerful upper punch at the end of a string of moves).
by The One And Only Big George January 15, 2010
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a phrase used at the start of a really good story or gossip to get to the point; a form of new york slang
Aii so boom Sabrina told me that Jeremy told her Jessica was sleeping with your boyfriend
by ur dad's prostate April 17, 2019
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"Aii Bro I'll See You" is a term used in the common highschool slang from the years 2018-2019. This term is formally used as a transition word to get out of pickle situations such as Breakups , Abortions , Weddings , Teacher talks , Pep Talks , Dap and leaves , etc.
"Ayo Seth what class you got?"-Tyshawn... "Uh i got music in room 202 (DING late bell noise) Aii Bro I'll See You.. (Daps) Stay up.
by SethyOW February 8, 2019
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A dumb chunk who literally is dependent on everyone around her
Aiy can’t even fill up her own car.
by Madisonlover12345678 May 31, 2020
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