A handsome boy people say, a good jolly person too be around. All the girls love him and he is a kind caring boy, he has a great sense of humour. He also can lose his tempeh over the slightest things, I would certinaly have him as a friend. He is the kindest boy u will ever find.
Kian kian Is a kind person people say.
by Kian reid April 4, 2015
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I can guarantee a “Kian” has told you that he likes you and guess what? He really does. Kian doesn’t usually tell a girl he likes her he just likes to stay low key and not chase girls however if “Kian” has said he likes you and seems lovely to you and serious then you best take him seriously because this guy is the relationship you need...........Don’t let Kian go!
Friend: Damn girl you really speaking to a “Kian”, your life is about to feel good.
by RealName:):) October 9, 2019
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Also spelt Keon God is Gracious.. King of Kings ,sweet understanding,smart, successful,funny and handsome. Ladies love him, guys are true friends to him. Intelligent, has many children and God fearing man. Server and bless by the most High God
Kians are the best and they love god. If your a girl You should marry a kian If your a boy theres no better friend.
by Christian.4 August 21, 2020
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Kian is someone everyone needs in their life. He is the sweetest funniest and overall the best person you will ever meet. He has a amazing looks with an abnormally large cock. You might find you desribe him as a “really nice/lovey person” if so you should make the decision to return this loveliness with a substantial reward. Hold onto Kian.
Girl 1: “Kian is a really nice person

Girl 2: “Suck his dick then”
by RealNamd May 5, 2019
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Kian meaning is king similar to keon therefore a Queen or princess would rightly name their son this (and yes Kians really love their mum very much!) But despite this beware you never want to get on the wrong side of Kian he is a Beast. Kians are Strong and aren’t scared of anything! Kians make the best boyfriends too. Kians are very intelligent and Genuine If you know a Kian you know they are the best friend you have. Kians are kings inside and out . Kian has so many friends and Kians love god very much. May God bless Kian.
Friend 1:Kian is my best friend Friend 2: No way he is my best friend Friend 3: Did someone mention my best friend kian?!
by :-,Osc,-; April 7, 2021
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Kian is a goat, Pussy magnet, Athletic, Tuff stud, and has a doodol talah.
How is that kian such a stud.
by 🐐 is me March 22, 2018
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