When some says or does something really stupid and/or idiotic. Is said mockingly as in 'ah ha, ah ha' Used instead of 'asshole' when the word could get you banned for not being pc.
After all the stupidity I witnessed from the group, It was a release to mock them out loud by shouting "AH HA, AH HA !!!" At them.
by Stephan Smolka September 26, 2008
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an instant at which the solution to a problem becomes clear
The client had an ah-ha moment after I explained him how the new software would resolve his problems
by misterluis July 18, 2018
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something annoying people say to make them sound cool also it’s a dead meme used in late june of 2019 that was good and died mid july
normal kid: dude the teacher just bent down

annoying kid: Ah ha ha low key no kap that ass fine tho
normal kid: this is why no one likes u
annoying kid: Ah ha ha bodied (starts to cry)
by xd goblin September 18, 2019
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An ah ha moment is when someone does something that reveals there true personality or when you realize that something isn't right about a person.
I had an ah ha moment when Jason told me there wasn't room in the car. I had heard later that he brought someone else instead of me.
by MarianneM December 26, 2016
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The precise moment you have an epiphany and suddenly understand something, that you had previously made a large amount of effort to understand; but, despite your efforts, you had not been able to understand it until this moment.
My Logic professor wasn't explaining things in enough detail, and I was so confused by the structure and the point of truth tables; but, I just re-read the chapter on truth tables in my textbook and suddenly I had an ah-ha experience!

I'm so relieved that truth tables are finally starting to make sense! I might do okay in this course after all!
by Zaquel Faust November 6, 2012
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When everything in your life is going down hill u just need to ah haha it away
Them : kubas gay

Me : ah ha ha
by Soniatookool July 25, 2019
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conventionally used at a public place, preferably a grocery store or convient mart as a way to explain an arousing outburst of un explainable excitement!

So many variations of the term that can goofily be assembled to properly annoy the hell out of numerous crowding, unexpected civilians

the term is usually started off with a humble yet sneaky "ah ha yeah"... which than builds up with a either a double "ah", even than to a double or a triple, ridiculously high-pitched "ha" ending either the charming flow of the "yeah"
"Somebody wanna shout ah ha yeah?!" (very gospelesque)

"Damnit, gimme an ah ha yeah!"

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