A commonly misspelled version of the word "again"
SMS Message: "What time are you working till agen?"

Reply: "6pm and for the millionth time it is spelled AGAIN!"
by pcman1985 December 27, 2009
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Short for agender. An identity of a person who doesn't identify with any gender, and usually describes it as having no gender. The term falls under the umbrella of non-binary identities.

They can prefer any pronouns.
These individuals often see gender roles as unnecessary, harmful or absurd, and can seek to solve this on a personal level, by not conforming to genders but also on a cultural level through the gender abolition movement.
The fuck is Mari supposed to be?
Umm. They are human. But they are agen if that's what's ur asking.
by Maniac Moth June 11, 2021
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Terminal disease caught by staff working at Agen Biomedical Ltd.
Employee 1:"I fucking hate this job!!"
Employee 2:"Sounds like you've got Agenitis mate.."
by boganbroad November 25, 2004
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One sexy mother fucker

She has a big fat ass
She a fucking asian
She is really fucking crazy 😧😦
She loves the sexy hot fucking korean guys , plus she's gay
Emily Agen
by Cheesy asian March 23, 2021
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To look especially good on television; relating to the word 'photogenic'
Bob Morley, while not especially photogenic, is very TV-agenic
by ThunderCake February 18, 2015
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Social atmosphere highly conducive to a group of gen xrs hanging out…
Bill : what did you think of the high school reunion? Mike: x-agen
Man! X-agen!
by 4realazitgits March 03, 2021
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