After graduating from high school, (usually 5+ years) you pick up your old yearbook(s) and jack off to the school pictures of the people you wished you'd dated or plowed.
Bob: (talking on phone), hey Keith, you wanna come over tonight and have a high school reunion??

Keith: Nahh, I did that last night. Sorry man.
by Therealkeith April 6, 2011
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A guy in highschool you suspect of being gay that doesn't come out of the closet until you see him later at your high school reunion
Man 1- "Man I really thought that guy was gay during highschool"

Man 2- " I saw him at our high school reunion, he's finally gay! I knew he'd be a high school reunion gay!"
by the dutch hammer July 12, 2010
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Your high school reunion goals will vary.
5 years: look like you drove straight from the beach, toast your dead friends, drain the bar, get laid.
10 years: own it, crush it, get blown repeatedly.
20 years: arrive late, sit down with your remaining friends who saved you a seat and ordered your favorite cocktail, get blown at the reunion and shag in the hotel.
30 years: get a room, bring color coded wrist bands and hand them out to the girls you want to blow you, tug you, bang etc.
Her: "Hi! I'm so glad you made it to our high school reunion!"
You: "Where's the bar? Your ass looks great! You got a room? Here's a wrist band."
by Mr Special September 11, 2018
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An event where just in 20 seconds, you realise you went to school with everyone in the reunion.
by TsumiaZZZ October 16, 2017
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