shortened version of adorable.
"Did you see that picture of me with that hot guy on facebook? Adorb!"
by newsie November 21, 2008
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Completely 100% amazingly and totally adorable
Lillian: Jake is adorbes
Ally: I know right!!!
by KRAYKRAYBAYBAY December 20, 2013
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A common way of abbreviating "adorable".
Aw, Shannon and Andrew look totes adorbs together!
by NDPgirl2012 June 18, 2009
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Something so adorably awesome, that cannot be uttered with sheer "adorableness".
Ashley made such a great face after baking all those cupcakes, it's so adorbable.
by etansit May 25, 2011
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an alternative way of saying adorable

pronounced "adorbes"
"aww, that baby is so adorbs!"
by blevbae April 9, 2010
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A White Girl Abbreviation of the World Adorable. Usually used after the word 'totes'
by Mrs.Right546 February 26, 2014
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