4 definitions by Quinceflash

Someone who's not really your type, but close enough to your actual type or standard
Do I like Ericsson--but he's like my semi- type. I guess?
by Quinceflash October 03, 2016
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A depraved slut; However, mean & rude when she wants to be. Also, he/she finds sex main resource of energy

*will do anything to meet him/her goals*
That little Heeven... Apryl, took my man and she thinks she can get away with it unscathed. Damn! That Heeven!😬
by Quinceflash December 10, 2016
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To look a little itty bit hint of cute
I was watching all the really cute guys with smokin abs, but one guy sat by me, and he was pushing his meh, he was acute
by Quinceflash July 28, 2020
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To have oneself full control over feeling one's pain, whether deciding to shut it off or understand them on a very deep level.
Tabitha: I'm dying inside, just kill me please😱
Me: I'm not obliged to understand your pain, I'm aempathetic.πŸ˜’
Me: Sorry... I just can't evenπŸ˜„
by Quinceflash December 01, 2016
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