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a notorious area in west london(except west acton) known to be the west london capital of drugs and is known to be a "Crip" area.Also home of the largest council estate in west lond "south acton estate" with well over 2000 flats.
homie1:"do you wanna go actife in acton"
homie2:"na man too much goonz there"
by west london's areas April 11, 2008
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An asshole P.E. Teacher who is on major steroids, fucks old ladies, and tells everybody to run a lap.
One day at school during P.E. The class was running around the pond and Riccardo pushed Mr. Acton into the pond and said, "take a fucking lap!!!"
by Queeda317 October 16, 2013
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Acton is a town that shares its high school with the lesser known town of Boxborough, who get asked if they really have street lights. This town is thought to be extremely rich, and have the best high school sports. The latter may be true, but many families are not as rich as people assume.
Also, the town has no money after building a new library several years ago, renovating the JR. high, and now completing the renovations of the high school, setting them back god knows how many millions. There is an urban legend that some girls cut their toes to take crack, which is very plausable. Each year the freshman class gets sluttier and sluttier to the point where a 14 year old girl is unrecognizable. The great hangout in Acon is Bickfords restaurant on route 2A, also the late night event of everyones week. The sketchy drug dealing hangout is the Acton Bowladrome where stuff goes down unnoticed. Be sure to stop by the many Dunkin Donuts where the primary language is portuguese.
'can i have a mocha latte?' 'creamnshugahh'? 'umm, no well yes, umm cream and sugar please'
by Aiden248 March 20, 2005
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a smallish town in Eastern Mass that shares a school with another small town called boxborough, which is even smaller. adjacent to acton is the town of concord. these towns have much in common. both share a school with a much smaller town (carlisle, boxborough). All four towns are quite wealthy on average. In acton, they like to make rude comments about how bad concord/carlisle high school is, in terms of spoiledness and sketchyness. What they don't realize is that they are pointing out faults that exist in their own school as well. They also like to shove their sports teams in our face. However, the only team they have that beats C-C regularly is their football team, and they are regularly embarrassed in a number of other sports.
"Did you see that acton kid who posted that description of C-C on urban dictionary?"

"Yeah, what an idiot. He must not have thought that one out. There are just as many luxury cars in AB's parking lot."
by anonymous July 22, 2005
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A dong-licking, sac-sucking, ass-eating, vagina-hating, Chronicle's of Narnia-watching, JT-loving faggot.
by Ord shop May 17, 2008
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Acton is a small town in eastern MASS with one of the best school systems in the state! wow Acton has a gigantic Portuguese/Brazilian population (and som ehispanics. They all control the many Dunkin' Doughnuts in the town, and are believed to soon take over the town. Acton is also full of bunch of homofobic assholes, mainly the stupid jocks (basically 1/3 of the school). There is also nowhere to hang out in Acton. If you can't drive u are just stranded in the house. The only place people can hang out at is the bowladrome, which is a really sketchy dark place that makes people feal like they're gonna get raped while in there.
Actonian: Ya, umm, all have a Mocha Late.
Dunkin' Doghnuts Employee: Como?
Actonian: Oh fuck, ur forgein... I'LL... HAVE... UN... MOCHA... LATE... POR FAVOR.
by bla April 29, 2005
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a very residential town with nothing to do in it, filled with kids who always hate on other towns on online dictonaries to make them feel better about themselves, when the only thing they really do have to brag about is the occasional win of a school sports team. They know they can never be as cool as Concord, so they should stop trying
hey guys, we are so much better than concord, so lets go hate on them on online dictionaries, even though we here in Acton have nothing to be proud of
by namelessgirl June 17, 2010
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