-Anti air flak, term used in World War I.
Ack-ack downed more planes than dogfights during the First World War.
by syrianarab May 24, 2005
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Noun: Stemming from the slang for "anti-aircraft" - A person who shoots another person's idea, thought, or feeling down.
Person 1: "How about Joe's Bar tonight?"
Person 2: "How about no?"
Person 1: "You, sir, are an Ack-ack..."
by DRoseMVP1235 May 02, 2011
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The basic blocks of the Martian language from Mars Attacks.
"ACK ACK ACK, ACK! ACK ACK ACK ACK! ACK." - Martian Ambassador
by Martian Ambassador August 01, 2017
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When an individual experiences an anal prolapse, and another proceeds to choke on it.
by Longathon Eggbert September 06, 2018
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inconspicuous nickname for marijuana, esp. when used with parents/police present. Can also be used as a verb (See example below)
N.)- Yo lets go get some of that dank ack ack from that kid down the street.
V.)- Im gonna go take a cruise and ack it up if you wanna come.
by ThaStonedGecko January 23, 2007
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The sound you make when you choke on soda.
Ollie: Marco are you ok?
by I'll eat your lamp shade August 24, 2020
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