1 - The drug L S D
2 - "come the acid" Exaggerate. Speak sarcastically.
1 - C'mon, he was so high on acid he didn't know what he was doing!
2 - Don't come the acid with me, friend. I know what you think.
by wizzbrit April 18, 2009
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A powerful drug that has a high concentration of hydrogen ions, which therefore makes you have a tripped out feeling. crazy.
'Rocky man i am tripping on acid like a mofonik here!'
by bi0tek April 22, 2005
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When a rapper is so ill that when he rhymes everything around him melts down
i spit acid yesterday and my table melted
by Shawn March 18, 2004
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One of the most potent drugs. Causes very radical halluciantoins. Can kill after one dosage. Often gives many flashbacks years after the drug has been taken. ILL-ADVISED.
The man is having a flashback from acid.
by McAlister March 17, 2006
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(apl/aplural): atypical description of a natural high from acidic foods and condiments, i.e. from deliciously & tangy balsamic vinegar at 6% acidity, abstractly classified as plural with its six (6) percents.
our spinach and sometimes tomato salad has some acids added for the tang flavor.
by velvont August 08, 2007
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Who is far better/more attractive/cooler than a hot person.
You can see: "If your boyfriend is hot than I am acid"

by Lil' Wayne
by weezyef October 09, 2010
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