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Abyan is one of the most beautiful girls that faced the earth. She is kind and loving, and gets all the boys! Abyan is a somali name usually. She is independent and cute, pretty and smart, and better than all the other girls. She is not a snake
I wish i could be abyan
by therealone123 April 20, 2018
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Abyan is smart and kind but if you mess with her she will get mad and she’s really lovely and beautiful and everyone loves her
Wow did you see that smart and awesome Abyan
by Chicken_so good123 June 03, 2018
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Abyan is a beautiful girl who is kind and so smart and is talented in school and loves basketball and is the smartest
Did you see Abyan at school she was so smart
by Chicken_so good123 May 08, 2018
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