1. A person who is overally religious within the Christian faith.

2. A person who is absent of sexual intercourse.
Todd is such a Christian abster.
by YourFiratNorbals June 26, 2017
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A white boomer who is extremely racist
You : you see abster over there?
Average Folk : yea?
You : He's a racist boomer
Average Folk : Oh hah
by Anime Police February 16, 2020
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Someone who is incredibly ripped. They automatically get all women. Their rock hard abs can deflect anything that gets in their way. Their unable to fit through doorways due to being so big.
Hot women: omg do you see that man, he is such an abster.
by rippedguy201 June 29, 2020
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this word refers to a sussy baka, baptized by god themselves.
absters is such a chlinf, i wish i was hot like them.
by popsmokeishott June 25, 2021
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smelly and just smelly and liars
skz is all mine

liar poo poo wee wee in the loo loo
skz is dina’s not sky/mina/absters!!
by dinaistired September 05, 2021
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