5 definitions by popsmokeishott

a word people who are black use to show that they are stupid and ugly
by popsmokeishott April 10, 2022
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this word refers to a sussy baka, baptized by god themselves.
absters is such a chlinf, i wish i was hot like them.
by popsmokeishott June 26, 2021
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this is a SUSSY BAKA, whoever is named abhishek is the smartest most shartiest chlinf. baptized by god themselve.
ABHISHEK is so sussy
by popsmokeishott June 19, 2021
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chlinf is a way to refer to the black race or slaves. using this phrase shows respect to them and indicates you believe everyone is equal.
look at the chlinf, I wish I were a chlinf
by popsmokeishott June 2, 2021
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