A extremely talented, beautiful collecton of sexy girls. A group which is admired by many.
Omg i wish i was an abra!
by Sharon Canivsky October 1, 2007
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what you say to keep little kids distracted while you stuff a rabbit in a hat
abra cadabra alacazam...kds close your eyes for a second!
by n/a February 20, 2005
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Shortened version of fast food restraunt Abrakebabra
"Lets go to Abra and get a kebab"
by lolly March 29, 2005
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An ABRA girl
- really tight or realy baggy jeans
- character teeshirts
- lots of braclets on one arm
- never their own hair color
- likes all types of music
- complete psycos
- do whatever they want without caring what people think tbh!
- usually use propler grammar and spelling

ABRA names are like scene names only they consist of the very first number of your birthday and last two numbers of birth year e.g. Abbi 19 Feb 1995 becomes Abbi195
Abbi195: Hello my dear friend. Are you going to the concert tonight
Emma395: Yes, I am. I hope to enjoy it also!
ABRA wannabe: im goin to da concert too! wanna hook up?
Abbi195: No, my dear, I refrain from socialising with people I don't really like (:
by Abbi195 January 22, 2009
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A Pokemon named after a bra!
Pokemon trainer 1: Hey did you see that Abra?

Pokemon trainer 2: Yeah! He was wearing a bra!
by Hygaoaajsui May 4, 2017
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The word you say before you say Kadabra.

also a pokemon that evolves into Kadabra What'do you know? :O
by pacifist assasin July 30, 2015
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i can feel the abra coming on now
by gangsta April 16, 2005
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