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n. An awesomely cool girl who is probebly most definetly Irish since the spelling is irish, but sadly proebly didnt learn to spell here full name till the sixth grade because every other girl neamed Abby speel their name abigail. By the way, abiGAEL as in Gaelic which is irish...
Have you seen Abigael? Shes about 5'5, pretty pale, with brown eyes, and curly coopery brown hair.
by Lunar Angel March 07, 2009
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Abigael’s are the most beautiful girls you will ever meet! They’re so sweet, kind, caring, talented, funny, shy, and smart. They’re just so amazing in many ways. Abigael is a unique way of spelling Abigail they are pronounced the same just spelt differently. Abigael’s usually will have curly brown hair and big brown eyes. Many people will dislike Abigael’s for their bad attitude, but once u get to know a Abigael you will find out she is the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet and you’ll never want to let her go. Abiagels are usually shy and only her close friends will know that she is crazy! they won’t even notice how shy she really is. Abigael’s are amazing girl friends. They will listen to your problems, never break promises, they’re faithful asf, and the best part is that they could be your girlfriend, best friend, and mom all in one. Abigael's just have a personality you’ll fall in love with. Let’s not forget their hips! They are definitely bodygoals. If you ever get the chance to have a Abigael as a friend or girlfriend DON’T ever let her go you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!
Jaiden: Whoaaaa who’s that?*starts drooling*

Mike: she’s so beautiful!
Sarah: who are you guys talking about? Ohhh yea, that’s Abigael she’s so pretty! But she seems really shy.
Katelyn: Shy? She’s not shy. She has a crazy side only her friends will know about. She’s so fun to hangout with and she’s such a good friend.
by Franklyjones May 17, 2018
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Abigaels are usually tall - above 5'5. They easily excel in anything they wish to. These girls are beautiful inside and out, having the purest hearts. Abigaels LOVE children, although people often mistaken them to be a paedophile. But despite the negativity, once you get to know one, she can be the baddest bitch you will ever meet. Not to mention, their hips dont lie!! #bootygoalzz
"Yooo did you see that?? Abigael just passed by and dayyuum her hips tho... they dont lie!!" *winks hard*
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by BhAddest_BiHtch June 19, 2017
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