Jaiden is someone who is hard to understand. He changes from personality to another. One day he's making you laugh till your cry, the other he's calling you names. Jaidens are the most unique people you will ever meet. No matter what happens you don't want to lose them. Trust me I've lost one. All im saying is the Jaiden I know is AMAZING. All the girls like him. No one can find out who he likes. He likes to keep his distance to the people he is the closest to.
"Why is Jaiden calling Ur mom names"-Boy
"Idk, yesterday he was sending me hearts when we where txting"-Girl
by SomeoneLonley123 December 2, 2019
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A totally smart, sarcastic, hilarious person. A Jaiden is always distracted, and only gives their attention to one thing in and out of school. They are sweet, and like to cuddle but also like to keep their distance from people. They aren't one for socializing and tend to lean towards drawing, reading, and singing. Even though they are shy, they love to talk and laugh with anyone who will try to talk to them. Jaiden is also a very talented athlete

So overall, Jaidens are sweet, loving poeple. They seem dark and kinda scary, but don't be afraid to come up and talk to them. Once you get to know them, they are amazing friends. Will be successful with his athletic talent ,try to be open and truthful and kind. If you found a Jaiden, hold onto them:)
by Piper Kid123 December 24, 2018
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Jaiden - a super amazing boy who is super easy to fall in love with. Jaiden is the perfect boyfriend/guy best friend because he is super playful and will do anything to make you feel better. Jaiden is also super hot and handsome. He is a super funny and kinda childish. He is super popular and wants to be friends with everybody. As soon as you get to know him he puts up this strong front but he is actually really sweet. Once you become friends with him he is very playful and likes to joke around make fun of you. He is the type of person that when he sees you he comes over and tackles you to the ground.
Girl- I hope jaiden asks me out because hes super hot
by swimmer800 October 27, 2017
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Jaiden is a nice guy that likes to talk a lot and sometimes energetic and sometimes lazy. Jaiden has a thirst for boobs, and likes to play video games. Jaiden also has nice hair and is attracted to him self because he doesn’t need a heart break. If you find a Jaiden treat him nicely because you should consider yourself lucky if you have one.
Friend: hi Jaiden!

Jaiden : hello, how are you today?
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An amazingly beautiful girl who will do anything to make you happy. She will always be there for you whenever you need her. She has a hard time opening up to people so if she trusts you, you're special to her. If she texts you all day and all night feel special. She has been through a lot and has trouble trusting people. If you find a Jaiden, keep her. You'll never understand how much you truly need her until she's gone. She believes that everyone deserves a second chance and will forgive you. If she ignores you, you've truley messed up.
Guy: Is your name Jaiden?
Jaiden: Yeah, how'd know?
Guy: Just the way you look. So beautiful.
by Jeff_The_Killer❤ January 16, 2017
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Jaiden is someone so different from everyone else. She’s probably very insecure about who she is but everyone knows how pretty and amazing she is. That bitch can move and she don't care. A Jaiden knows she a hottie and ain’t afraid to admit it. She‘s too funny and is just overall happy but has her moods. She's awesome. Just make sure you don’t lose her because she’s a great friend! You will regret it if you do.
Girl: damn look at them moves. She don't care who’s looking! She’s definitely a Jaiden.
Girl 2: Yeah that girl just too good to be true

Boy: She’s a hottie
by theoneandonlyurban October 30, 2019
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Super Private and aims for perfection and fails every time. This person can either love you or not like you at all, there is no in between . If they have a crush on you, good luck. They’ll dub you just to dub you. Ummmm they’re smart(?)..that’s about it.
“Omg Jaiden was all into me last night”
“How did you even get Jaiden to talk to you? He straight up ignored me.”
by Ms.Petty November 23, 2019
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