originally a hunting/outdoors store opened by David abercrombie in new york city on 1892. Ezra fitch a successful lawyer of new york joined later on to form abercrombie and fitch co. it expanded to be called in later years "the greatest sporting goods store in the world." in its best years it served presidents and celebrities with their outdoor activity needs. despite its success it went into financial problems in the 60's and official bankruptcy in 1977.
after that it went from hand to hand struggling until the limited acquired it and launched it as teen clothing store. current CEO mike Jeffries joined in the project in 1992 and started building the abercrombie and fitch we now know today. after its new acquired success its been involved in many controversies like the racist hiring and its preference for Caucasian costumers. it has changed the image of prep from a rich person to middle class high school and college students who care about their appearance. it is overpriced and maybe not the best quality clothing you can find but you can't deny that their clothes are amazing. their colors are great the way they match the outfits its always trendy classy and perfect and above all its worth the price.
now the real succesful key that every one should admire of mike jeffries and his marketing board is their great marketing campaigns where they spend very little because their market its the clothes people are wearing and of course what makes it so controversial "they sell sex" reffering to their great nearly naked shots of young models.
if you don't like the prices then i would invite you to please go all the way to the back where you can find great sells no matter what time of year it is. their $39.99 t-shirts you can find them for as low as $12.50. their $80 hoodies can be found at $30 their $200 jackets can be found at $50. so don't you fucking say they are overpriced if you haven't even looked at the sales. or if you are too afraid because if you think that people there will make fun of you which they WON'T then try their website <www.abercrombie.com> and find the little link that says clearance and you will be SURPRISED how low their prices are.
abercrombie and fitch co used to be a hunting store and it now is a great teen's apparel store.
1st guy-"many people hate abercrombie because they call it over priced when they haven't even looked at the sales rack."
2nd guy-" screw them they just hate us because they think we actually pay full price for abercrombie clothing"
1st guy-"hahaha poor idiots hope they keep spending $30 on t-shirts at hot topic"
2nd-" i wouldn't pay $30 for a t-shirt not even at abercrombie"
1st-" you are right, i wouldn't even pay that at dolce and gabbana because they also have sales rackets"
2nd-" yup, just like any other colthing store in america"
by abermikecrombie November 01, 2007
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People that don't like AF, go get a life. AF is prob one of the coolest stores I have ever been to. Their clothes are so tight, and they make girls look hot, and confident. If you don't like AF, you have a problem, ohkay? Some say that AF gives girls bigger boobs, SO WHAT? and their clothes ARE NOT padded with bras, it's a girls choice to wear bras. So people stop bitchin' bout how AF clothes are slutty, maybe some peeps wanna look like sluts. You HAVE to wear a AF shirt, to know what it feels like.When you walk around, boys stare at you, when you bend down, everyone can see your boobs. This makes most girls feel really sexy and hot. Theres nothing wrong with that.
Sammi~"OMG!! I totally got Will to look at me today! When I walked by him, i purposefully dropped my pencil, and I bent down to get it, and Will looked right at my BOOBS!!!
Taylor~" Awesome!! Ok, you can't tell anyone, ohkay? After school, Nick invited me over to his house, and we had SEX!!! OMG!! His ass is so long and cool!! And I was wearing the really slutty Abercrombie shirt!!"
by Samantha Herbert March 24, 2008
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Where did the idea that Abercrombie is expensive come from? Abercrombie is cheap. $70 for a pair of jeans. Oh, sooo expensive. Abercrombie is for wannabees who want to try to look the part of rich and cool. If you have any real class at all you will go to Nordstrom or Saks and buy a pair of real jeans like 7 For All Mankind or Citizens For Humanity. Or try Coach, Burberry, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie or even J.Crew. If you think a $20 shirt is expensive, I am sorry, but actually shopping at J.C. Penny or Sears is pathetic. And Abercrombie & Fitch does not stand for upper-class and wealthy. With its ideas of being a brand for rich, stupid girls (and guys) who just love to spend daddy's money, I am embarrassed to be represented by this brand. I am a straight A student in all the honors and AP classes available at my school. And I buy real clothes that cost more than a pair of Sketchers (the shoes of the losers). Plus, nobody would be caught dead in Abercrombie at my school. Get a life.
Oh look at me! I am trying to be cool and rich by wearing a shirt from Abercrombie that costs less than a washrag!
by Styled August 27, 2008
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A famous & popular clothing line/brand that you will find at any higher-class malls. With loud music blasting in your ears and a strong cologne smell, you will either find the stores wonderful or atrocious. The clothes are expensive compared to brands like American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Hollister, but the quality of the clothes are SUPERB! And seriously, what's up with all the hate? Abercrombie is expensive for a good reason. It makes cool clothes. You know you want them.
James: With this $50... I can buy one polo T-Shirt from Abercrombie, or get five at Walmart... Hmm... Which one to buy, that is the question.
by kjSean August 04, 2009
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a store that most losers hate but all the real cool kids know that those who hate just arent good enough for us.. people are always like i went into abercrombie and i held one of their shirts up to me and it only covered half of me ! ok their problem is that 1. they need to try it on because abercrombie has like fresh clothes that 90 people havent tried on 2.they need a m not a xxs thats for the skinny people 3. your too freaking fat for this store so go to walmart! also everyone thinks abercrombie is expensive .. maybe they dont know how to read or look ... idiots
smart cool kid : hey look this shirt from abercrombie it is so cute !
idiot: i know but it only covers half of me
smart cool kid: its because you are too fat you dumb bitch!
idiot: oh i guess i better go to the swap meet
smart cool kid: haha sucker ... yes ill have these 5 tops for 30
by tarina March 24, 2008
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A store in which people who like expensive things shop.
A good store with high prices, but it's a store, not a labelfest.
Omfg, that prep over there is like so preppy she wears Abercrombie, abercrombie is a PREPFEST!

It's a posershop!


by cedesx33 April 25, 2007
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its just a store that sells clothes with a moose as a symbol and has nice styles but can be expensive. nd to the haters, u no u just dont like it cuz u cant afford it.
i got a miniskirt and some jeans at abercrombie today
by frikkinsweetx3 August 08, 2007
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