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The most outgoing and fun to know type of girl. With her personality comes a short temper and easily annoyed trait. She can bring people to love each other! She's a true love and a keeper! Aastha is the smartest and funniest gal you will ever know! Her sense of humor is the best!

She loves to keep up with people and usually is the popular female. Aastha' tend to go by a nick name, like Ashley or Anusha.
by Aasthha October 15, 2013
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An Indian name meaning "faith in God". People who are named Aastha are very funny, usually intelligent, and can always cheer a friend up.
Person 1: Hey, have you met Aastha yet?
Person 2: No, but I have heard that she's super funny! Can't wait to see her!
by Yomamaisgaee September 08, 2019
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A very sweet, silly girl. She is a good friend but she also can be a little moody here and there. She likes indian boys that play basketball.
Hey, do you know aastha?
Yeah, shes the shake your hips dude!
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Aastha is one of the greatest girls on earth and she'll be the best gf you could ever ask for. She'll joke around with you and make you laugh day and night. When you are with her, all your cares float away. When you hold her it's the warmest feeling ever. Even though she is super short and bipolar shes'll be friendly until shes on her period.
Nathan: Aastha r u ok?
by Eltor September 08, 2019
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Aastha is the best gf in the world even though she'll get super bipolar and kill you. Shes the princess of death and queen of happiness and shes perfect for me :)
Nathan:Yo aastha r u ok?
by Eltor September 08, 2019
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Aastha is perfect. She is very smart. You will be very lucky to call her your girl. She will make your day . She will be your shoulder to cry on, on your bad days. She will never leave you. She is very caring kind and sweet. If someone is mean she will be quite and igonre or she will be the baddest u have ever seen. She is beautiful.

She will reject alteast first 2 proposal because she dosent want a relationship rn.

She will be your secret keeper. You can be open with her. You can trust her. Aastha always trust people very easily .
Whenever she is/will be in a problem she will never show it unless it is too much she will hide it and be quite until she is better.
boy2-. Yes why
by Roohhhaannn September 29, 2019
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