a word that proclaims sorrow, annoyance, defeat, anger, depression, hopelessness, and confusion.
MOM: No, you can't do anything until this room is clean.
YOU: Aaaargh.

YOU: Aaaaargh my life is meaningless!!

KID: Oh whoops. I spilled grape jelly on your history project.

HERO: Ahha I have slain the villain with no name
VILLAIN WITH NO NAME: Aaaargh I'm defeated

YOU (in a chat full of 6th graders): AAARRGH WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????
by it shallt not be so January 28, 2005
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imitation of pirate.in the foulest of form.
aargh matey you will step away from my booze you shum bucket;for i will flog you unmercifully.
by louie February 05, 2005
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Its a anomatopoetic word or whatever. Characterizes a sound that people make when they're distressed.
"Aarghhhh ya free tommorow night?"
by The Stephenator December 31, 2004
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A pirate exclamation. Meaning anything or nothing more than to remind the listener that the speaker is a pirate. A variant of yarr.
Aargh, wench, where be me grog now?
by JKaki October 15, 2007
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