A Aaliyah is one of the cutest, sweetest, deepest, craziest girls out there. She's a one of a kind catch and is always there for you. She gives some of the best advice and is one of the best writers. A Aaliyah can make anyone smile or laugh at anytime of the day. Hold on to a Aaliyah if you have one!!!! She can easily captivate people from either sex, but usually never realizes it. But, watch out if you cross her she will bite back.
Friend 1: Hey I saw a really sweet girl today who got my boyfriends attention
Friend 2: Oh, she must be name Aaliyah
by LilFalcon January 20, 2012
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A Pretty Girl With Outstanding Talents . Can Sing Very Well And Has Low Self Esteem . She've Been Hurt So Many Times . Heart Broken Into Many Peices. She Doesnt Trust Her Heart With Anybody . She Has Alot Of Friends , Doesn't Mean Their All Real . She Tries To Be Nice To Everybody . But Many People Stabs Her In her Back . She Is A Very Nice Person But If You Rub Her Off In The Wrong Way She Can Get Really Mad . She Is A Very Smart Student And Is A Really Caring Person . She Will Make Sure She Gives You 90% Of What She Has And Only Have A Little Bit For herself .
by LiliMonroee December 17, 2013
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simply a beautiful girl with big dreams and goals for her future. admired by all , but doesn't realize how pretty she is. has a lot of friends , but can get mean , if she has too :) .
derek: "omg look how pretty aaliyah looks today"

josh: you mean everyday ;)
by aaliyah :) November 26, 2016
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An actual REAL singer, a beautiful kindhearted person who tragically died in a plane crash. She is the only artist I know of where I like every single one of her songs I have ever heard. She can actually sing, and she sings about real things not like today. Also she looks like a real person, not all computerized. She also looks like a 'real' person, like someone you can talk to.
Aaliyah songs are amazing.
by Angelacia May 2, 2007
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She was one of the best singers and also most beautiful girl ever but then it all ended by her tragic death on a plane crash. she will always be on everyone's heart and unlike britney spears she sang real music. if she would be alive she would kick all those fake ass bitches ass like Britney spears.
If Aaliyah would be here no fake ass bitch would stand a chance against her!!!!!!!!1
by La Baby Girl February 25, 2005
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A smart, well educated girl. Very Independent. Her beauty is so Intimidating to others which she can not help. Everyone loves to get to know her because she's a very mysterious person. She is someone who doesn't give up on anything. She cares about anything and everyone and will do ANYTHING for her friends. One of the realist people out of all your friends. Someone you can count on. Kind hearted individual who willingly will stop what they're doing to help you. Mysterious, jealous, and possessive person. Once she walks in a room all eyes on her. One glance from her will have you on your knees. Doesn't trust most people but when you have her trust don't do anything to regret it. ;)
Aaliyah will do anything for you

Aaliyah's so cool
I love Aaliyah
by Ms. Aaliyah December 23, 2016
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