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a term used to describe a guy that you love very much and plan to "keep",
makes you laugh has the best personality funny cute and sexy

cheers you up when you are sad, makes you smile constantly by just being him.
always on your mind and just the thought of him brightens up your entire day,
being with him makes you the happiest girl in the world, and there is not one thing you would change about him.
he is the first thing you think of when you wake,and the last thing at night,
if your guy is a keeper hang on to him he makes life worth while
girl1: omg you are so lucky your guy is just perfect
girl2: i know :$ he's a keeper.
by Elsalv December 15, 2013
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A term which should be reserved exclusively for women who enjoy sucking dick on a regular basis, cooking meals, cleaning, entertaining, and don't talk very much or complain at all
I found a bitch that gets off on taking care of my needy selfish ass. she's a keeper
by Bnastyson November 24, 2011
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