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A freeze can be a boy or Girl who is in a relationship. It might be the perfect date and they will joke around and be totally chill the whole day. But when being or about to be kissed, hugged or anything they freeze up and make that moment the most awkward thing ever. A freeze usually dies alone because of their inability to express or except any expressions of love.
Example #1

Boy: *hugs gf*
Girl: *tenses up or "freezes"*
Boy: "what's wrong?"
Girl: *says nothing just looks stunned*
Boy: "Wtf, ...bye"

Example 2

Guy 1: "how did your date with Emma go? Did you kiss?!"
Guy 2: "horrible. No we didn't kiss not even hug, the chicks such a freeze. I couldn't even hold her hand without her freaking out."
Guy 1: "That sucks.. Did you dump her yet?"
Guy 2: *puts phone back in pocket* "Yep just now."
by Hahahahaigotswag December 14, 2013
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