7 definitions by Jesus Chaves

the huge brotha from The Longest Yard who gives all the prizoners McDonald's. He uses phrases such as:

"you always gotta protect the mcnuggets"

"baby backbitch"

"this is some baby back bullshit"
Cheeseburger Eddie got me some Mcnuggets and a Big Mac yesterday.
by Jesus Chaves July 04, 2006
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The greatest invention known to man besides Bill Gates. Its conveinient sauce holder is the second greatest invention known to man. They are finger lickin' good.
Arab guy in Burger King: I want a refund for these chicken fries!

Cashier: Why sir?

Arab guy in Burger King: They as hard as baseball bat.
by Jesus Chaves June 30, 2006
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heaven on earth. free drugs for all and great food. the only reason people leave is to take of break of heaven.
Mexico has to be the leetest country ever known to man.
by Jesus Chaves July 01, 2006
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a former wwe arab wrestler who was "killed off" after being droped in a hole by the Undertaker. the real reason he was "fired" was because of a story line which included masked men attacking and carrying two other wrestler, which on that same day england was bombed by terrorists, in which UPN ordered WWE to fire him.
muhammad hassan is one crazy arab.
by Jesus Chaves July 06, 2006
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A elevated or bench-press power bomb used by professional wrestler, The Undertaker. It has been used to drop Arabs into holes.
At WWE Great American Bash 2005, The Undertaker gave Muhammed Hassan a Last Ride through a hole in the stage.
by Jesus Chaves July 01, 2006
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Noun: Wigger Town, Kids named after fruits
bCherry is one of the whitest and friutest kids in west roxbury
by Jesus Chaves June 30, 2006
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