A very dark man, usually one that is not sexually pleasing, homosexual
I dont like these people there muhammad kah
by fortnitekid1234XD May 3, 2021
a skinny cunt who is built like | . He tries hard to get Sally Kim, but she will always love his best friend Alexander. isn't that right ali?
by puffyiscracked September 25, 2020
"Muhammad Rao" literally means the best. A Muhammad Rao will always have an entrepreneurial mindset and a 100% guaranteed successful future. A Muhammad Rao is good in all aspects of life and no one can compete with him. A Muhammad Rao gets more than a 100 tinder matches daily but he does not give a damn. Always be a friend with a "Muhammad Rao" you won't regret it.
Be more like "Muhammad Rao", you little bitch.
by thecoolbot_ November 22, 2021
absolute chad with a gigantic penis and an even larger brain
girl1: I think I am in love
girl2; Is it another Muhammad Rao?
by chadmaster420 November 22, 2021