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Desire, urge; from the Spanish verb ganar, to win or gain. The term was popularized among English speakers by the LA mathematics teacher Jaime Escalante as played by Edward James Olmos in the movie Stand and Deliver.
"You're going to work harder here than you've ever worked anywhere else. And the only thing I ask from you is ganas. Desire... If you don't have the ganas, I will give it to you, because I'm an expert." (from Stand and Deliver)
by jcomeau_ictx May 13, 2013
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guts... or gonads... your GANAS define your abilities as a man... if you have no ganas, or gonads... you are a gayfer, I.E. vince...
jeez... brewski would sure benefit from a good influx of ganas right about now, maybe he might have enough ganas then to go get jordan and make her deserve.
by Big Johnson February 19, 2005
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Either being a huge slut who sleeps with everyone and gets affected with herpees or someone acting gay, or faggish.
You're such a gana!

You're hella gana!
by Fantasy May 04, 2006
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