A person who scores a ten in a row.
That man is a real tener.
by Arm$trong October 24, 2017
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Literally "morro" means lips (morros) or snout
"Tener morro" is when some people don't pay and the rest of the group have to pay for them all the time, friends who don't buy new clothes and use yours, smoke everyone's weed but never pay, drink from your glass, eat your food...
Normally you tell them "tienes mucho morro" while softly and repeatedly slapping your cheek (like a girl powdering her face).
Some names for these people are: gorrón, caradura, rata, jeta, morrudo, sinvergüenza...
Some other synonims of "tener morro" are: tener un morro que te lo pisas (to have a snout so big you can step on it), tener más cara que espalda (to have more face than back), tener la cara dura (to have a hard face), tener jeta...
Sometimes "Rata" not only means this but also the opposite: to never share or invite other people, like a rat.
+Oye tío, ¿me das de fumar?
- Si hombre, no te voy a dar más que siempre te lo fumas todo y luego no invitas, tú lo que tienes es mucho morro *slapping himself*

+¡Pero qué morro! Deja de comerte mi comida
-No seas rata, que yo siempre comparto contigo
+Anda calla ya y deja de tener morro
by Nakal420 April 26, 2017
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Jesus, why did you eat that donkey pussy? Can't you have enough ass on your own fucking?

Sir, you have your own boobs! Why are you licking the donkey's nipple?
That donkey dick seems to be evasive! What with the donkey that ate you in the ass!
Sucking another guy's pussy

SPANISH STUDENT: Jesús, ¿por qué te comiste ese coño de burro? ¿no puedes tener suficiente culo en tu propio puto?

¡ Señor, tiene sus propias tetas! ¿por qué Lames el pezón del burro?
¡ esa pija de burro parece ser evasiva! ¡ Qué con el burro que te comió en el culo!
Chupar el coño de otro chico

by weedhead11111111111111111 February 28, 2018
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Opposite of tanned bronzed skin.
Eye wateringly pale white skin.
The near translucent colour of white skin which is due to having been covered up over the winter months.
Summer's on its way, we all are itching to get out there, but I doubt she'd be up to a skinny dip looking so teneral and all.
by Julina February 17, 2020
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1. a person who is only sexually interested in perfect tens regardless of gender
2. a person who is widely considered to be a perfect ten
Joe's not gay, he's just a tener.
by stumpkat1138 November 10, 2020
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