someone who is tottally fly and excelent at everything he does. everyone envies him
dude look at that guy over there that has everything going for him. hes definantly a marcus.
by chillie of the shiz July 3, 2009
Marcus. Amazing boy that will steal your heart. Loving. Caring. Puts you first. A smile to die for. Will melt you with one look. Stop at nothing for your heart. Know what he wants and won't stop at nothing. Has a dark side that you have to break through. When your not with him it's hard. And every time you hear his name. You melt and tingle and your muscles tenses.
Marcus is my everything and with out him I'd fall apart
by Vaylnnnnnn January 2, 2014
Marcus is the most perfect boy you will ever meet, who makes you smile 24/7. He has a personality that makes you feel amazing. Marcus will automatically make your day 10x better, he is Smart, so sweet, hardworking, goofy, loving and handsome. Marcus has the most beautiful heart, and is always willing to cheer you up. If you ever meet a Marcus never let him go.
by AnaCR October 30, 2019
Marcus is sweet, loving,cute,weird and wonderful, you'll never find a better friend.
he has a childish and dirty mind, he gives great hugs and will love you no matter what.
you can help but love a Marcus, no matter how much you try.
sometimes Marcus's don't tell you how they truly feel,if you're not worthy.
Marcus is always wearing a smile.
Marcus you so god damn great i hate you...
But i love you...
by Re.Bec.Ca August 18, 2016
An awesome guy who is amazing in bed and well hung like a horse 🐴. He is better than you and you know it.Also he is funny,And is pretty much the best.His net worth is to much, He is a black belt in every thing. Fathers hate him mothers love him. He is a professional human,who is currently on the quest to defeat all thots.And is great friends with plebis.
Human 1: Marcus is simply the best

Human 2: that is so true

Human3 I wanna be him
by #1 Marcus fan September 13, 2017
Marcus is the sweetest guy that you will ever meet. he will understand you better than anyone and he will become your dream guy. you will fall in love with him within seconds and he will become you're everything. Marcus's are amazing friends and are always there for you, whether you need it or not. they will be very protective over what's there's and will have a very loving personality.
Marcy- "hey who's that over there?"
Janee- "oh that's Marcus, I think I'm gonna go for him".
by Massieme February 16, 2013
marcus is an amazing friend
hes pretty freaking sexy
his hair is nice ash

hes the funniest person you will ever meet

he likes dancing
he’s extremely smart
and hes just a amazing human
i love marcus
by 0876292 February 3, 2018