A black guy who you went school with
Hi I'm Ian I went to school with a freddie
by Nikka10 December 18, 2016
He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet and will do anything to make you happy. He always manages to make u smile even when you are having the worst day. If u ever meet a freddy you're a luck fella. Freddy is adorable and nice but protective of the people he cares about. He is also an amazing bestfriend that will steal ur heart. He make some good jokes and is never negative about a tough situation. Hes not afraid of challenges that are in his way because he is a problem solver. If he messes up with someone he will do an to make it right.
by Sara Josephine August 6, 2019
To speak in a manner where no one can hear you
Hey speak up bud you're freddying me
by Paperrecord May 2, 2017
A handsome guy who likes to hang around people'girl friends.He is a player (Play Boy),not to be trusted with your girlfriend.A guy who likes accomplishing relationship goals with people his not dating e.g Likes kissing n hugging girls.He is a charmer,sweet,Kind and very smart somebody to be seen with but isn't into the whole dating business.A person who doesn't get attached with girls but likes them a lot "note" Never ever try to get into a serious relationship with he cause he is never committed and his not loyal.Truely a legend amoung legends.He *Doesn't like to be called a hoe*Never date a girl who is social with because there an 80% chance that he has kissed her

Boy:Eyy guys did you hear FREDDY has kissed half of girls at this school
Boy 2: yeah i take care of your broades cuz Freddy doesn't mess around
by @AstroWRLD December 2, 2021
such a safe guy, basically, the best person you can ever meet and he's always the best looking guy in the room. such a lad.
'Did you see that bloke give that bum a £10 last night?'
'Yeah he was a true Freddie'
by nforted October 26, 2011
Funny and Athletic, someone you can depend on. Normally does the responsible thing. When it comes to sports you better be prepared if you come up against a Freddie. Lots of friends, and try's to be social. Normally tall, fast and smart.
Guy 1: You better have brought your game, we're playing against Freddie.

Girl 1: Look at Freddie, he's so Awesome!
by Sport1234 September 26, 2017
boy with a fat back, no lie one of the biggest bunds you will ever see on a guy
Yo that guy has bunda

yeah its freddie!
by lilythomas01 October 8, 2020