2 definitions by Blue_Sky555

peopple who like to eat things that shouldnt be eaten, they commonly use the word "hababaha" and chase after people with bananas
oh that was a babaganoosh, we better go home and lock the doors
by Blue_Sky555 April 6, 2011
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A small explosion between the legs, composed of vapourized poop particles.
person 1: ewww dude did you fart?
person 2: yes indeed i did, you heard the explosion didnt you?

person 3: yes, eww it smells disgusting
person 1: omg bro dont breathe it in, you realize you are inhaling particles of his poop when you smell it!?
person 3: kill me now.
person 2: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! smell my wrath! :D
by Blue_Sky555 August 9, 2012
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