A fart while one is on the toilet. It's especially loud due to the amplifying effects of the ceramic bowl. They never seem to happen in less someone is nearby.
The guy in the next stall let loose a fusillade of toilet farts, so I hurried out of the restroom before I busted up laughing.
by Braiun July 14, 2005
A fart released into the toilet bowl, creating a lovely echo. Arguably the most musically enjoyable fart.

toilet bowl fart
Dude #1: "I had the best toilet bowl fart today. It echoed so nicely off the porcelain."

Dude #2: "Awesome."
by Court86 January 19, 2009
Designated Farting Toilet, or DFT for short, is a toilet (usually in a house inhabited by male roommates) dedicated to only farting. This toilet is not used for other wastes, it is reserved solely for flatulence. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is unknown, however male residents have been observed entering the bathroom, sitting down, releasing gas, then flushing the toilet and leaving. Members of the house who use the toilet for more than flatulence are often shunned and attacked by other house members.
Damn bro, did you really just piss in the Designated Farting Toilet?
by farder April 26, 2020
he was a democrat
dumbass: you know who else was a democrat? hitler.

the epitome of education: you know who else was a democrat? poopoo peepee butt fart toilet man. google it.
by linkisaway on tik tok 🤨 January 7, 2021