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The religion of all religions. It was created by two special* girls who are not fooled by the age old "God" theory and prefer to believe in something that has actually existed. When in times of moral indecision stop and ask yourself, "What would dinosaurs do?" (W.W.D.D) T-Rex is of course large and in charge. When praying to him you must always make your hands into T-rex claws. Accept dinosaurs as your lord and savior and everything in life will fall into place. Or not.

I knew these two girls that practice Dinosaurism and they're the mother flippin!
by brontawhoreus July 20, 2008
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A subdivision of the sporkism religion. This aspect of the religion is souly bent of the munching or bill gates, emo whores, france and france related areas, and my chemistry teacher. Dinosaurs usually just eat there prey, but they have been known to attack with sporks
Emo Whore: Why...Why are you doing this

Amazing dinosaur: because, you just dont deserve to live, the whole worlds about dinosaurism baby

Emo Whore: if only id seen the light earlier...nooooo! a spork
by Scotteth October 26, 2005
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