When friends co-own, co-buy, or purchase a home together.
Mark and Joe are diming on a House together.

What?! How did Jenny buy THAT house?

She didn’t buy it all, she’s diming with Kim.
by Bucket bucket July 9, 2020
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When a female only registers a 2 on the national dimepiece scale.
Nigga you trippin! That ho is a dime minus eight. Her bottom lip looks detached and she be missin a titty!
by THE JERALDS LOVE HANK January 15, 2023
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When one shags a girl in the anus when she has dihorea and spunks in her ass and sucks it out with a straw
Just like feltching but dime bar pie is mixed with poo
by spunk monkey1992 January 30, 2014
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Dime Age is a noun that means approximately 10 years old.
Don't let a bunch of Dime Age kids tell you you're wrong.
by Hein Wortschöpfer November 9, 2021
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When someone gets peeled and snitches out the whole crew.
Frank Sinatra got arrested but later gets released without charges. Must of snitched us all out.

Yup, the rat "dropped a whole roll of dimes", like a mic on the pack.
by Blubic Capoff May 18, 2021
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Greatest basketball team with their own ways
Did you see wjhs boys team their so Lime Dime
by Juicegod January 9, 2018
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To have little value
Trump's accomplishments hang on a dime!
by Been there and back October 26, 2017
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