He is the best man in the world. Is kind of short and always cracking the best jokes. A legend. Is popular with the girls and has multiple girlfriends. All the ladies are crushing on him.
Man, you are so awesome, just like Yaakov!
by Jeffrey Mcduff March 21, 2018
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The Hottest Mf alive, has a TikTok account called "CumSkateboard" and likes skateboards. Attracts every woman in his sight and gets called beautiful by his mother
That mans got so many bitches, he's such a Yaakov
by CumSkateboard March 28, 2021
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A most well educated individual. A bit of a narcissist, however a genuine and caring individual.
Man that guybis such a yaakov
by Poopingbear March 5, 2017
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A man of great knowledge, however refuses to show the world how brilliant he really is. Extremely Narcissistic and egotistical. Yet, is doomed with no hope for love. Uses worlds like "Indeed, Spectacular, Astonishing, Quite, and Fuck You"
Well.. It's a name sooo you wouldn't really have a certain way to use it in a sentence. So I guess "Hi Yaakov"
by Spoon Sou July 30, 2019
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The sweetest little boy you will ever meet. Kind, caring, and very disciplined. Obsessed with Thomas the Engine and can eat Popsicles forever. The son of 2 dentists, an the grandson of another, he will definitely have the whitest teeth in all the land!
Yaakov will not let go of the Percy and James toy trains.
by Nuttinbuttruth August 5, 2015
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A prominent student at Yeshiva University who heads the student life committee and the weekend retreat club.
"Hey Yaakov Schneider said the trip is on Sunday".
by aryeh davidovitz November 26, 2006
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