when your 69'n a girl and stick two fingers in her butt.(69 plus two makes 71)
last night i gave my girl a 71, she almost flipped out on me cause it was unexpected.
by cereo November 15, 2006
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I did 71 with the lil lady last night and boy did that bitch squeal.
by The Great Rando July 14, 2002
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A Sixty nine (69) with a male and a Female.... Except the male has his two fingers in her asshole!!!
by Billy March 24, 2005
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69 action with 2 fingers in her butthole
Moose's girlfriend came really hard after a good 71 session.
by Muff a Lotta March 4, 2008
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a 69 when each partner shoves a finger up each others asshole
me and my old lady were watching a porno when these 2 freaks on the tape started to 71
by skell January 5, 2010
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A sex position with one partner bent over and the other partner doing them from behind.
Dude, I fucked her 71 style! She was so hot bent over my desk!
by Reijiro December 21, 2008
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